Although all natural sweeteners, both non-caloric and caloric, are good for consumption they contain
sugars and are consequently harmful to teeth and your health if taken to excess. Moderation is the key
and they should be used instead of refined sugar, or high fructose sweeteners, not in addition to it.
Why Use coconut sugar?

Just like any Coconut Sugar on the market, our Coconut Sugar
is made from the flower blossom of the coconut tree. The
nectar is collected, and is boiled to remove the water and
concentrate the sugar to form crystals. Unlike other forms of
sugar production, chemicals are not used either to modify or
extract the sugar. It is truly a natural product, and is not refined
in any way.

Our Coconut Sugar is premium quality which is used by bakers,
chocolatiers and beverage producers worldwide due to our
stringent quality controls. This non-flexible production process
allows us to focus on the health and safety of our valued
customers and for this purpose; we ensure unsurpassed
quality in all our products by:

  • Adhering to the strictest safety guidelines and
  • Testing for purity in premier laboratories.
  • Constantly monitoring quality through a team of experts,
    especially in the cooking and dehydration processes
    where moisture control, color and taste set us apart
    from any other producer/supplier on the market.
  • Sourcing from suppliers that seeks to maintain a highly
    trained workforce and use only the finest ingredients
  • Packaging the products using techniques and products
    that ensure the retention of quality.
  • It does not contain chemical residues
      caused by refining processes as is pure
      100% natural.
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