What is coconut sugar?

Our coconut sap is extracted from inflorescence of
dwarf species of coconut trees. Our coconut sap is
organic and all-natural beverage, high in nutritional value
and an instant thirst quencher. It is sweet, and
translucent. It is obtained by slicing the spathes of the  
coconut trees, and scraping the tender most part, just
below the crown.

Sweet Pacific Foodfarms
coconut sugar is 100% all
natural, low glycemic, superfood with a nearly neutral
pH. Also known for being

Minimally hand-batched from 100% coconut sap, our
sugar is raw, vegan, GMO free, dairy free and gluten
free. Sustainably-harvested and Fairly-trade
manufactured our sugar goes from the farm to the
packaging plant to you.

With a light golden-brown, rich aroma, pleasant
caramel flavor and a fine texture our sugar is a  1:1
sugar replacement, ideal for confectionery, beverages,
sauces &  jams applications.
Sustainable - coconut sugar produces 75% more
sugar per acre than cane sugar without depleting
the soil by using less than 1/5th the nutrients for
that production.

Longevity - a tapped coconut tree can produce
sap for 20+ years without disturbing copra yield.

Product of the Phlippines
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