Uses and Applications of our 100% Organic Coconut Sugar
Our 100% Organic Coconut Sugar has a wide range of
application areas in baking. These range from the obvious,
such as sweetening cakes & cookies and darkening the color
of rye bread, to the less obvious, such as binding water in
bread to help keep it soft and moist, thereby increasing its
shelf-life. It is hard to imagine the baking industry without it. We
provide both 100% organic and all-natural forms of coconut
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It is hardly surprising that coconut sugar is of vast
importance in the confectionery business. What is perhaps
surprising is our Pure One brand’s ability to supply ready-to-
use packaging for gums and jellies and fondants for soft
fillings in chocolates. Using our premium ready-made
sweetener provides our clients with a much more uniform
and reliable base to produce their confectionery from,
guaranteeing their customers a uniform taste experience
time and time again.
Jams & Preservatives
Our Coconut Sugar has always been used for preserves. The
more coconut sugar you add to jam, the less preservatives are
needed. In fact, if you achieve 65% sugar content after boiling,
your jam becomes self-preserving until opened.

Pure One brand 100% Organic Coconut Sugar supplies sugar
for preserving, pickling and marinating foods ranging from
strawberries to sardines.
Our Coconut Sugar is also used in soft drinks, sports
drinks and to sweeten hot/cold coffees and teas. We also
provide coconut sugar to breweries, where they add flavor
and color to dark beers such as ports, stouts and
seasonal beers.
Ice cream & dairy
In dairy products, coconut sugar is found mainly in Sherbet
and sour lollies, chocolate milk/coatings and bars,
Fondant, Hard and soft icings, frostings and glazes and
desserts. Our Coconut Sugar has a wider range of
applications in the ice cream industry, as a flavoring agent,
for decoration and as a means of reducing the ice cream’s
freezing point. Lowering the freezing point helps ice cream
manufacturers produce ice cream that is silky smooth.
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