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Our Coconut Farmers & Community

Sweet Pacific Foodfarms thrives because of its skilled contracted coconut sugar farmers whose professions
involve climbing, on average, 25 coconut trees a day - upwards of 15 meters tall, three times a day.

When Sweet Pacific Foodfarms stepped in, we were working with plenty enough farmers whose adapted
coconut sugar practices were accustomed to the usage of conventional agricultural practices, and lacked
quality control and guidance that resulted in inconsistency of product quality that struggled in the market. By
implementing organic farming practices, Good Agricultural Practices and Quality Control Points throughout the
process It was no easy task to modify the culture, but we are happy to say the efforts that have been put in, in
order to improve quality and consistency throughout our sweetener products have paid off! The benefits are
deep-felt by the farmers themselves, alongside their families and communities.

Through our work, Sweet Pacific Foodfarms have enabled profitability and have improved the quality of lives in
Southern Philippine communities.
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