Resource Efficiency
At Sweet pacific Foodfarms, our approach to organic coconut sugar production has always been guided by
the need to use resources as efficiently as possible. By working in this way, we can increase production
levels to satisfy present and future customer demand, while at the same time conserving and reducing our
impact on the environment.

We undertake a range of measures to reduce and conserve the resources used in our entire value chain,
from the way beets are grown to how sugar is delivered to our customers.

Product safety and quality
As a food producer, product quality and safety is essential to our business. Our technical requirement for
coconut sugar is a purity of 99.7 per cent. Coconut Sugar itself is an inherently safe product as
microorganisms will not survive in
this sugar, so the only risk is that foreign bodies or chemical residues
contaminate the product during processing. We take rigorous steps to detect any issues and prevent all

Ensuring traceability

According to international regulations, all food products and all direct packaging material must be traceable.
This means that the immediate supplier of a food product and the immediate subsequent recipient must both
be identifiable. This is commonly known as the one step up/one step down system. We make sure that all
of our products are traceable, and test traceability at least once a year.
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Up comming EVENTS

SEPTEMBER 17 - 19, 2015

We strive to make the process of organic coconut sap extraction from coconut bloosoms
increasingly efficient and sustainable. This involves using natural resources as
efficiently as possible, as well as reducing safety hazards.

We ensure high levels of product quality and safety, and optimise methods of
transporting organic coconut sap from farms to factories in order to minimize cross
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