About Us

Sweet Pacific Foodfarms is a Philippine-based organic trading company with headquarters in Pasig City,
Philippines. We're specialized in sourcing the highest Philippine quality organic coconut ingredients - which
we offer in bulk, and packaged as private label or in our own brand.

From our beginnings we are committed to providing the best selection of high quality Philippine food
products produced in ways that have a positive influence on our health and our environment.

Over the years we have grown our scope of services beyond organic coconut ingredients to include all-
natural coconut ingredients (
Coconut Sugar, Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Flour, Desiccated Coconut,
Coconut Water
) in order to cater to more of our clients’ needs. Our latest project included the
manufacturing of organic coconut sugar which most recently its demand has reached new heights. Our
organic coconut sugar is certified organic, kosher and halal. We are currently preparing for GMP
certification. Our services are available to every end of the market, no matter the size.

Our philosophy is one of expertise, specialization and customer service. Our team of experts are working
together with sourcing, logistical and sales team to provide the best experience to our customers. With this,
we ensure quick and regular deliveries either directly from the producers or from our own warehouses,
according to your needs.
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Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines   

sales@sweetpacificfoodfarms.com   |   Tel: 632.6350446
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