Our Promise

We are dedicated to bringing you the freshest tasting organic coconut sweeteners we can—
without compromising taste, your health, or the environment.

We only work with farmers who are committed to certified-organic, sustainable, and eco-
friendly agriculture practices. That means all our contracted crops are grown without
pesticides and fertilizers, which is better for you, the farmers, and the planet. Then only the
best tasting, purest coconut sap is collected, at the peak of perfection, and lovingly
processed without preservatives, coloring or chemicals.
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The strength of our partner relationships is integral to our success today and into the future.
Our partners include the growers and suppliers who provide us with raw materials, the
customers and end consumers who rely on us for natural, healthy and organic foods and
other key stakeholders who support us on our journey to becoming a sustainable

As part of our sustainability efforts we work with five areas in which we leave a major impact
on society – and vice versa.

•        Product quality and customer satisfaction
•        Environment
•        Product safety
•        Health and safety
•        Business integrity and social responsibility
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